I looked at her again, and again thought to myself “God damn”.

She was playing with her kids, a girl and a boy probably 3 and 5 years old, making sand castles. I’d been watching her off and on for the past 2 days. We were obviously staying in the same condo building (it was right on the beach) and I was just lucky enough that she always seemed to bring her kids out to the beach when I was there. They were always with a friend who had a daughter of her own and always set up shop about 20 yards to the left of my lounge chair.

She had short, cropped, dark brown hair that was longer in front than the back. Usually I preferred long hair, but she looked good with that style.

She had a pretty face from what I could see; a large part of it was covered with her oversized sunglasses.

She also had a giant diamond ring on her finger, but I didn’t give one solitary flying fuck. All I cared about was how she looked in that bikini, and like I said.

God damn.

It was the same black bikini she had worn the day before with the little logo on the back that I couldn’t quite make out.

She had an ass on her and that’s always been something I’ve appreciated. I heard somewhere that men that preferred a nice ass were often wealthy and men that preferred a nice set of tits were often poor. Cool, good sign for the future I guess.

She looked up in my direction and I casually glanced away. I wasn’t too quick about it, I had nothing to lose. Nothing to hide.

I looked down at my beer and drained it. It was my sixth of the day and I only had one left, but I wasn’t drunk or even buzzed. Maybe it was because I was sweating it all out or maybe my tolerance for alcohol was getting out of hand. Either way it was frustrating.

Someone told me drinking to get drunk was a sign of alcoholism, but why the fuck else would you drink?

I was looking out at the surf crashing on the sand and thinking about the inevitability of it all when I sensed motion to my left. There were kids all over the beach, so it didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was when I turned and saw that it was the young mother who was walking straight towards me.

I inclined my head so that I could fully take her in and watched her approach. When she was about halfway to me, she looked away towards the ocean, almost shyly. Like she was feeling the weight of my eyes on her.

She glanced back at her children one more time to make sure her friend had them under control and then came the rest of the way.


Wow. Okay. Her voice, Jesus Christ her voice. One word, and if she had never said anything else to me for the rest of my life, I still would have remembered her voice forever.

I got my shit together enough to smile up at her from my seat and say “Hey” back.

“Enjoying the view?”

The slightest hint of a smile, more of a smirk really, played at the edge of her mouth. There was a certain tone to her voice. It was flirty, but cautious. She knew I had been watching her and I wasn’t surprised. It’s not like I had really been trying to hide it. This was a game for her right now, and I was willing to play along.

“Always” I said. She had implied that I was enjoying the view of her body, but could easily play innocent by saying she was talking about the beach. I did the same. Was I saying that I always enjoyed the view of the beach, or that I’d always enjoy looking at a body like hers?

“I’m Seth by the way.”


She didn’t extend her hand for a handshake and I was glad. There was always an awkward, weird feeling that came with shaking a woman’s hand.

Instead, she cocked one hip to the side and rested her hand there. She looked over towards the ocean again like she was contemplating some question that the human mind can’t ever quite answer.

I looked at her body up close now. I looked her over from top to bottom.

Does this chick really have kids? Her body showed no evidence of it and I started to hope they were adopted or something.

She interrupted my thoughts.

“Look, do you have anything going on tonight?”


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